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3 in 1 wireless stand charger for phones, iwatch and Airpods

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Say goodbye to tangled wires, losing charging cables, and slow wireless charging speed.

Are you tired of using many different charger and cable for your Apple devices like your iPhone, Apple watch, and Air pods? Using an ordinary charger can make a hassle while using, its wires can easily tangle. But this iPhone Charging Station with 3-in-1 Function makes your life more comfortable because you can charge 3 different devices in just one dock with no the tangled wires. The wireless charger is detachable, which is convenient to carry and install, portable size makes it’s perfect for travel. Rotation Design, increase your productivity by 3 times. The special hidden cable design provides you with a clean charging stand. It can make your room or desk look more simple and neat and your life will be more convenience.


Charging Cables:

You don’t need to worry about tangled wires. This dock can make your charging cable more organized. Because it is designed with precise cable management holes. For best result, you should use the Apple original cables only. But take note that this Charging Dock with 3-in-1 Function does not include charging cables, adapter, and devices.



This iPhone Charging Station with 3-in-1 Function is compatible on many Apple devices. You can now charge your iPhone, Apple watch, and air pods on one place at the same time. In iPhone, it is compatible in models like iPhone3G/3GS. iPhone4, iPhone4s, iPhone5, iPhone6, iPhone6+, iPhone7, iPhone7+, iPhone8, iPhone8+, and iPhone X. You can use it even your iPhone is naked and no case or even it has a dual layer thick case. Because it has the 3-in-1 function, using this dock you can also charge your Apple watch all bracket. On the other side, you can also charge your Apple Air pods. You can easily place it on your desk and then charge your phone.

Take the wireless charging experience to the next level with our 3 in 1 Fast Wireless Charging Stand

Quality Material:

You don’t need to worry about your phone protection while you are using this charging dock. It is made up of premium high-quality silicone material with a soft finish. Using this kind of material it will keep your Apple devices from scratching. Because it is made of premium silicone material it is also non-slip so you can ensure the safety of your device from dropping and falling.

• Perfect Design:

The charging dock can be freely rotated by 360 degrees. Special consealed cable design provides you with a clean charging dock. Detachable, convenient to carry and install, portable size makes it’s perfect for travel.

• Safe Charging:

Using high-efficiency components and advanced chipsets, the double-coil design greatly improves the charging speed of the equipment. Intelligent chips control the rapid charging of products and fully optimize the charging efficiency, provides the heat protection and over charge protection to charge your devices safely.


• Solid Dock with Subtle Finish:

Constructed of premium ABS plastic.The non-slip pad on the bottom enhances the stability of the whole unit. The anti-scratch rubber and the TPU back protect for your iWatch and iPhone from scratching. The base has the function of protecting the for Airpod headset charging box. It does not damage the data cable when the headset is touched during charging.


• Weight: 240g
• Transmission Power: 10W
• Input Voltage and Current : 9V/2A; 5V/2A
• Output power: 5W/ 7.5w /10W
• Operating frequency: 110-205khz
• Support Device: iPhone and other Qi-enabled devices , AirPod and iWatch(1/2/3/4).
• The conversion efficiency of wireless charging is greater than 75%


Package Includes:

1 x 3 in 1 Qi Fast Wireless Charging Stand
1 x Type C Cable
1 x Adapter Plug


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3.5 / 5

Purtika Roy

I read a lot of reviews online for so many chargers, and I’m so happy I selected this one. It frees up my night stand, and my husband and I can charge everything on it. My only complaint is that my phone does get warm while charging, but I already knew that going into it.

Prena Shekawat

Well packaged and arrived as described! This thing is pretty cool and I’m excited to not need 4 cords just to charge my Apple products now! I will be ordering one for my boyfriend as well!

Irfan Khan

This product is great! I’ve had many multi-product chargers in the past and this has been the best. Not only does it have the wireless pad for my phone, it has the airpod, watch, and additional corded charger with three different chargers built in. I find that having only one power cord for all of the above (minus watch charger) make the wiring situation great. I’ve even been able to charge my watch, phone, airpods, and iPad all at the same time (even though this isn’t marketed for iPad).

Sujeet Kar

The charging station fits perfectly in my office. I love how I can charge almost everything using only one dock. I never had any problem charging my devices. The watch mount is very sturdy, you just have to make sure that you plug a separate watch charger as this dock does not come with it. It does not overheat and also charges fast. The wireless charger is very convenient for any of your compatible device. If you’re looking for an affordable mount then this is the one that you need.

Diksha Kumawat

This is the second charging station I buy. The first one I got was a little bit bigger, was taking a lot of space out of my night stand, so I gave it to my husband and looked for a more compact one. I liked this one and ordered it. Size is perfect, the material looks resistant, I like the color. I have all my devices in one place now. I charge my phone and AirPods and keep the AirPods there to no misplace them. Not complicated to put together/ So far I’m good with my purchase and one of my brothers is getting one as well.

Vikrant Singh

So thrilled with this product! I can even charge my iPad mini, wirelessly charge my iPhone 8plus and all my other items too! Thank you for eliminating the mess of cords, adapters and nightmare on my bedside table!

Also bought one for our 14yr old son who travels between our home and his mom’s. He continues to forget his charger at her home and then has to borrow one from me. Now he doesn’t have to stress about traveling with a charger! And… BONUS… when his friends visit, no matter what adapter their device has, they can charge up and stay connected with their parents/guardians as well.


This product is amazing! I’ve spent money left and right on chargers for years. I either end up losing them or having issues down the line. But once I bought this product everything was made simple. It so convinient to have all of your chargers in one spot. Now before I go to bed I just set my phone down and in basically no time it’s already charged! I love this product and the price is what sold me on it! I highly recommend you won’t regret it!

Mubarik Ali

Really love this item and think it was a great buy. Agree with reviews that recommend Velcro for sturdiness. This equipment is light weight. But they will only be bothersome if you are constantly back and forth charging. I place on charger when I’m ready to leave it completely. And not go back and forth to the charger.