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Bonsai Green Plant Air Purifier #GrabNow

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Remove Air Pollutants such as dust, pollen, smoke, and pm2.5   Fresher Air With…

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Remove Air Pollutants
such as dust, pollen, smoke, and pm2.5
Fresher Air With Anions
A healthy treat to your body & soul
Simple & Hassle-free
Plug & play, maintenance-free
Stylish Room Décor
Evergreen artificial plant

It’s tempting to think that the air inside your home or office is fresh and clean—after all, it probably doesn’t have any noticeable odor.

Unless all your furniture, paint, carpeting and flooring are organic, eco-friendly and pure, chances are there is some moderate to substantial off-gassing going on.

Plants are excellent air purifiers, but, if you think maintaining a plant will take a lot of your time, then bring home this revolutionary product.

Presenting you the all-new Indoor Decorative Bonsai Green Plant Air Purifier for Homes and Offices!

This revolutionary product is designed to keep off harmful and contagious infections in the air, allowing you to breathe cleaner and fresh air. This product can help you, your family, and even your employees stay safe and healthy!

Remove Air Pollutants
Powerful air purification
Healthier Environment
Fresher air & positive vibes
Decorate Your Space
Not just an air purifier, but also a lovely “plant”
It’s Maintenance-free
No filter replacement and extra cost. No watering or pruning needed.

This active air purifier removes contaminants in the air by using ionization.

It works in a way that the purifier uses charged electrical surfaces to create electrically charged air or gas ions. The ions then attach to airborne pollutants and remove them from the air we are breathing in.

The Breathtaking Features of Indoor Decorative Bonsai Green Plant Air Purifier

·   Remove air pollutants including dust, smoke, and pollen

·   Breathe fresher air with anions

·   Refresh and personalize your home or office space – stylish room décor

·   Plug & Play – simple, hassle-free air purification solution – maintenance free

Simplistic Design
Simplistic shaped & textured pot
Easy To Use
Get Connected
Connect the pot to a USB charger / USB port of your power strip or computer with the cable included in the package.

Living in this modern era, we are highly exposed to air pollution from industrial smoke and car emissions. When you think you are safe from that, you are actually mistaken. Even in your home, you are not safe from air pollution.

We have already sold hundreds of units already! This means we are running out of stock.

Plug & Play
Once connected to power, 
JO-732 will start ionizing & purifying the air with the indication light on.
Product name
Desktop Plant Air Purifier JO-732
Power consumption
Packaging Box
Negative ion concentration
8,000,000 pcs/cm3
Ozone concentration
Home, Office
CE, RoHS, Fcc, Patent
Approved by Doctors


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